German Christmas Market

Sprechen sie deutsch? Do you speak German? Well, actually, speaking German is not mandatory at Québec City’s Deutscher Weihnachtsmarkt; French will do just fine.

Every winter, at about this time of the year, City Hall Square is decked out in its holiday finery to bring alive the German tradition of the outdoor Christmas market. Its trees are draped with white lights, while pine boughs and red bows complete the mood. The finishing touch – snow – has arrived just in time this year, as if on cue, softening the lines and providing diffuse, reflected light everywhere.



The market itself consists of a couple dozen cedar kiosks from which local vendors sell their goods. I am drawn to those that are hawking food. Sausages, pastries, pretzels, and regional goodies of all sorts are on the menu. I was especially impressed (and reinvigorated) by the warm, spiced wine from Vignoble Clos Lambert.




My nine-year-old companion was partial to the crêpe from Du Côté de Chez Swann. Sweetened with maple sugar, it was just the thing she needed to judge the outing a complete success.




The German Christmas Market will be open through Sunday, December 8th. If you leave now, you’ll get here just in time!

9 thoughts on “German Christmas Market”

  1. Hope we have as a wonderful second part of the german christmas market as we had last weekend. After a break of two days we are back until sunday! Hope to meet you there!

    1. I’ve been serving tons of German hot dogs, Sauerkraut and German beer last Sunday. The Market was joyfully crowded and the atmosphere was simply incredible! Plus a fantastic weather!
      The Market is truly getting more and more popular!

  2. Hi, Neil!

    I am glad to hear that things are going well. I really enjoy reading your posts. I went to the Weihnachtsmarkt last December and your photos make me miss QC! It is the prettiest city in the winter, and of course is lovely all year round as well.

    We are all settled in Ottawa now and quite like it here. Actually, the two cities are very similar in many ways.

    Anyway, keep up the great posts, Neil. I look forward to reading more! Take care.

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely pix. I was in Williamsburg, Va last week in their historic pubs/markets/vintage stores. But this, really brings the holidays to life.

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